Next generation trading bot

Exploit the behaviour of Market Makers

  • Get an edge over the market by selecting only highest quality setups
  • Reliable system running on your very own VPS (included in the license purchase)
  • Suitable for all investors
  • Min investment 500 USD
  • Optimal investment 1000 USD
299€ For Altbot licence
Bull Developed by traders with over 15 years of experience in market making and trading.
Cogs Polished by the best minds from the Mathematics Institute.
Suitcase In Layman's terms - Altbot is the magic third wheel that gives you extra safety and confidence when trading.

Next Generation Trading Bot

299€ For Altbot licence

Why is ALTBOT a better trader than a human?

Based on statistics, mathematical calculations and our expert judgement.

No fear, no hope, no emotions - just stone cold precalculated trading plan.

Technical stability - throw anything at it - serve or internet outages, it will recalculate all missed market moves.

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299€ For Altbot licence